Ideas that not only inform

but stir

Our daily life is full of information and messages. New stimuli are constantly clamouring for our attention, in such a way that many things escape us altogether. Jazzunique makes your concerns notable, by combining several fields of action – event management, design and architecture – into a unique brand experience. We enter into a creative dialogue with you as our customer – as a basis for the development of innovative ideas for design and communication, and imaginative approaches to architecture and event planning. These are the ideas that Jazzunique, working as a project office, realises with a systematic eye to the target.

Apart from innovative ideas, adherence to schedule and observing budget limits are likewise very important to us. And we do not just put across empty advertising phrases, but create genuine content – transporting complex knowledge in the form of graspable messages, and telling narratives that have individual character. With this aim in view we are prepared to tread new paths, and do not shrink from new technologies or fear to tackle apparent impossibilities.

Agency what we do Jazzunique

A Creative Duo

with Brand Competence

Jazzunique has many faces – but just two heads. As joint proprietors, the brothers Börries and Jesper Götsch stand for the effectiveness of Jazzunique’s brand communication. As passionate and experienced designers of live communication, they know how to inspire, to move and to excite. What customers call unique will be linked with whatever is going to reach target groups on an emotional level.

One brother has been staging vivid and sustainable brand messages, based on live communication, since as long ago as 2002. The other has worked all over the world as an architect; and since 2006 he has been contributing a spatial dimension to Jazzunique’s brand publicity. With their 40-strong team, the brothers create convincing concepts for events, trade fairs, graphics and store design and give brands a space in which they can unfold.

This is Jazzunique

This is what makes us special


Because the hunger for inspiration is a constant. Because curiosity leads to continuous learning – with a view to more and more new and surprising concepts. Because we have the confidence to embark on unusual trajectories.


Because a high degree of involvement with your customers gives rise to a distinctively memorable message – based on effective mechanisms in the framework of events, or the intelligent application of digital media and social media tools.


Because a systematic awareness of trends, the use of contemporary techniques and the intelligent interlocking of social media and mobile technologies can provide powerful support for your communication goals.


Because in order to be effective, communication can only be holistic – so we ascribe essential importance to coordination with your ongoing marketing and PR campaigns. In this way your message can benefit from a carefully blended and coordinated communication mix, and so succeed in unfolding its full strength.


Because our talents could hardly be any more different. Because we love brainstorming as a group and developing together, learning from one another, coming up with the missing piece of the jigsaw. Because together we are always launching out on new paths.


The path to the goal can only go by way of efficiency. So constant cost controls, regular reporting and 100% adherence to the budget you define are things you can take for granted. .


Because fair dealings with our customers, employees, partners and suppliers constitutes the basis for successful business relations in the long term – and just because we like feeling good about ourselves!


Because we know what we can do, but we are also aware of our limits. Because we are not just concerned to win, but to convince. We don’t always get up on the safest horse, but it’s always the right one.

Our Clients

An extract from our List of Clients

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Awards and Prizes

Our moments of glory

  • German Design Award 2019
  • BrandEx Award in Bronze 2019
  • Galaxy Award 2018 in Gold & Grand Award Winner
  • Nominated fot Bea World Award 2018
  • EVA Event Award 2017
  • BEA® BlachReport Event Award 2017
  • German Design Award 2017
  • Famab Award 2016 Gold
  • Famab Award 2016 Silver
  • Gold Galaxy Award 2016
  • Nominated for Eubea Award 2016
  • DDC Good Design 2012
  • 2 x iF communication design award 2012
  • Nominated for the German Design Award 2011
  • iF communication design award 2010
  • International Store of the Year 2012 at RetailWeek Interior Awards
  • Departmentstore of the Year 2012 at RetailWeek Interior Awards