Clicks, that count

Clicks that count

For every click on a .hiv domain, a small donation is made to HIV projects. This makes it easy for internet users to do good while surfing on the net. And it motivates the .hiv domains to exploit whatever brings more awareness of the subject of HIV.

The mission

Thanks to the commitment of the worldwide HIV movement and major successes in medical research, the fight against AIDS is now at a crossroads. For the first time in the history of the disease, the end of AIDS is achievable. Two things are required to make this happen: additional money and greater international awareness of the subject. This is exactly where dotHIV comes in.

The objective

The domain .hiv is intended to give the fight against AIDS new impetus. It is intended to draw attention to the existing challenges in the field of HIV and AIDS. At the same time, it is there to remind us that an end to AIDS is within reach but the fight has not yet been won. And that we can only win it if we reinforce and pool our efforts.

Our contribution

.hiv is the first and only domain suffix in the history of the internet which serves a purely social purpose: the end of AIDS. Jazzunique, too, is supporting this way of bringing the digital red ribbon to the internet.

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