One team –
four disciplines

Tailor-made and invented from scratch – for every project we define an individual team out of our interdisciplinary collective. For authentic ideas, detailed conceptualisation, efficient execution and the effective placement of your brand.  

Mathias Pritzkow
COO & Unitmanager Space
+49 69 4015073 16


We get fired up about spaces and the design possibilities they reveal. By communicating in space, we translate your brand into a different dimension. This gives rise to experience-based brand worlds, where digital and analogue elements complement and strengthen one another in a meaningful way. Our architectural concepts always place human beings, and their individual encounter with the brand, at the centre. Starting from the brainstorming workshop, going on to the conceptual planning and holistic realisation, we look after everything that helps turn your brand into a spatial experience. 

Natascha Kneissl
Unitmanager Event
+49 69 4015073 51


Our events create precious moments of focused attention. With the help of strategic scenography and direct interaction, your brand can become a palpable object of experience. Close encounters with your products and publicity at an intimate level let us generate a high degree of emotional identification in your target groups. We make use of the entire range of digital and analogue tools for experience-based communication – with a strong sense of what is appropriate, and a feel for the powerful dramatic effect. Our events tell stories that invite people to get involved – they generate authentic messages for all relevant communication channels, and so add the finishing touch to a holistic brand experience.   

Evelin Rakiec
Senior Art Director & Teamlead Design
+49 69 4015073 27

Corporate Design

A clear design tells people where they are. So for us it forms the basis of any kind of communication. We create tailor-made design concepts – authentically and with a love of detail, for products, brands and companies. Starting from the most suitable medium, we design visual worlds that sum up your brand messages concisely. Our approach defines brand identity, and places it sustainably in the hearts and minds of your target group.

Bente Hansen
Senior Communications Manager & 
Teamlead Campaign
+49 69 4015073 17

Communication Campaign

Effective campaigns, in our view, result from convincing identities, stirring messages and authentic stories that stay with you for a long time. This is how we get people talking. And we don’t leave anything to chance. With the help of exact analysis and bold thinking, we will find just the right tonality for your ideas.   Working through all relevant media channels, we will ensure that your messages are not just perceived but sustainably taken on board by your target group.    And because communication only works well on a holistic basis, we always develop a finely coordinated communication mix.    Not just writing stories, but telling them authentically – we transport your message to the right channels.