DKMS Mechthild Harf Science Award Lissabon

DKMS Mechthild Harf Science Award Lisbon

Strong together – for the good cause of DKMS!

March 19, 2018 – Jazzunique was given the exciting task, in conjunction with DKMS, of planning and realising the presentation of the Mechtild Harf Science Award 2018 in Lisbon. This annual award of the DKMS foundation Leben Spenden [Giving Life] is held in a different country every year, and pays tribute to outstanding research work by internationally renowned doctors in the field of leukaemia research and haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Jazzunique took its cue from this special project to make a contribution of its own, by giving the hours spent on the event planning to DKMS’s good cause for free.

To make this possible, every single Jazzunique employee made a present to DKMS of some part of his or her working hours, in favour of the event. The prizegiving ceremony, with around 110 guests, took place in Lisbon’s Palácio de Xabregas, an ancient seafarers’ house with grand Portuguese architecture and centuries of tradition behind it. Speeches by the CMO of DKMS, Dr Alexander Schmidt, and the Chairman of the DKMS Medical Council, Dr Richard Champlin, emphasised the importance of the occasion and the respect that was due to the prizewinning scientists.

The Mechtild Harf Research Grant 2018 was won by two young researchers, Dr. rer. nat. Elke Rücker-Braun and Dr. rer. nat. Pietro Crivello. Professor Yair Reisner had the signal honour of receiving the Mechtild Harf Science Award 2018. After the prizegiving ceremony, there was still time for networking along with a flying buffet and live cooking. The final touch to the party was provided by live music from Guru da Beat, putting the guests and prizewinners in the right celebratory mood for the occasion.