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Escapes Slovenien

February 15, 2017 – Strikingly beautiful, multi-faceted, appealing and delightful – it sounds like a description of the perfect girlfriend, but it also sums up Slovenia pretty well. Far too many people see the country just as a staging post for getting to Croatia. But Slovenia offers pristine turquoise lakes and rivers, along with unspoilt forests. The capital, Ljubljana, is a riot of beautiful Baroque and Jugendstil buildings, along with charming little houses boasting exquisitely detailed façades and playfully ornamental columns – but even so this city of 276,000 inhabitants remains down to earth at all times, and has no kind of pretensions. The river Ljubljanica flows through it – a blue vein carrying the city’s lifeblood, with an abundance of romantic little bridges.

But it isn’t just in the city that you can find something to discover on every corner. It’s only an hour and a half from here to the Julian Alps, Lakes Bled and Bohinj and the river Soca, offering ideal facilities for teambuilding activities like river rafting. And if you go the same distance in the opposite direction you hit the Adriatic, with its appealing Mediterranean flavour. There’s everything you need for unforgettable incentive trips.

Metelkova: from military base to walk-in work of art

Metelkova is a total artwork covering 12,500 square metres. Creative and uncompromising, the cultural centre is just ten minutes on foot from the main railway station. Here no wall looks the way it did before – everything is painted over, carries stickers, has been sprayed or decorated in mosaic, and colourful umbrellas function as lamps. Creative chaos is the order of the day – by contrast with the general tidiness of the Slovenian capital. The former prison is now a hostel – the cells offering exhibition areas for various artists, each of them a unique creative world in its own right. This crazy place is ideal if you want to look for inspiration, or get your team to see things in a different perspective. 

Escapes Slovenien
Escapes Slovenien

Food market

Who needs an annual street  food festival? In Ljubljana you can have it every Friday from March to October! Live, under the eyes of visitors, chefs prepare countless Slovenian and international special dishes and are happy to recount their own personal food story. Music and atmosphere are provided by various street artists. It’s great fun when you are with a group, and you will be invited to sample more!

Na zdravje! Cheers!

Slovenia’s wine culture goes back to Roman times. If you find that hard to imagine, the proof awaits. The quality of Slovenian wines is altogether comparable with that of wines from France and Italy – a paradise for all who value a good tipple. The Cabernet  Sauvignon from the village of Smarje has actually been served at the Oscars in LA. So when you are in Slovenia, a wine tasting experience in beautiful surroundings is practically a must!

Escapes Slovenien Wein
Escapes Slovenien See

See Bled

If you want to get out of the city into burgeoning nature, Lake Bled in the north of the country, at the foot of the Slovenian Alps, is the ideal oasis destination for any Slovenian incentive trip. The warmest lake in the Alps, it offers an impressive panorama of turquoise waters. The island of Blejski Otok in the middle of the lake is the only island in Slovenia, with a pilgrimage church. On the banks of the lake you will also find the majestic former residence of the famous Yugoslavian head of state, Marshal Tito. Today it harbours a café and a hotel, so you can soak up socialist propaganda and the charm of the socialist bourgeoisie at the same time.

Time zone:

Central European Time (CET)

How to get there:

Airports all over Germany offer several direct flights to Ljubljana daily with highly regarded airlines. The average flight time is one to one and a half hours.


Euro (€)

Visa requirements:

German nationals only need a passport or ID card to enter the country. Further information…

Vander Urbani Resort

Our hotel tip

In general Slovenia can show an excellent range of hotels. Ljubljana above all offers numerous possibilities for accommodating groups of all sizes. The Vander Urbani Resort is a must for design aficionados. With its 20 rooms, the boutique hotel is pre-eminently suited to smaller groups. The architecture, design and painstakingly restored building all make a superlative impression on the visitor. Our favourite spot in the hotel is the small but perfectly formed pool on the roof, with a view of the castle and the roofs of the old town.

September 2017 will see the opening of a new Intercontinental Hotel in Ljubljana. Situated in the centre of the city, it is an ideal starting point for urban exploration. With a total of 165 rooms and a ballroom that can accommodate over 300 persons, this is the perfect venue for larger groups. A special highlight will be the à la carte restaurant on the 20th floor, offering unique panoramic views over the city!

Escapes Slovenien Hotel Vander
Escapes Slovenien Hotel Vander
Escapes Slovenien Hotel Vander