Our escapes will surprise you with their unexpected ideas and innovative content. We can’t reinvent the world, but we can open up new perspectives even for seasoned travellers. We can take you to out-of-the-way locations and track down special people who will show us their vision of a destination.

We are unconventional lateral thinkers, idea smiths and directors. We allow you to look behind the scenes. We are curious, courageous and always in search of the unexpected. Our escapes are always original experiences for original people.

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Personal Highlights

Our Favorite Brand Escapes

On our global map you can find a selection of personal highlights and unique places where we have had the opportunity of hosting incentive trips. We will go on steadily adding to this map, with the aim of repeatedly inspiring you with new and exciting destinations and ideas.

Our escapes range from close at hand to far away, from upmarket to basic. For every occasion and every budget, we can come up with original ways of surprising your employees and rewarding them with a quite exceptional experience of travel.

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Dominique Klar Team
Manuel Harbich Team

Dominique Klar
Key Account Manager | Brand Escapes
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Manuel Harbich
Senior Project Manager | Brand Escapes
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Joanna Wojciechowska
Standortleitung Berlin | DMC Berlin
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What do Incentives mean to you personally?

Dominique: As I see it incentives are a fantastic possibility of expressing genuine appreciation and acknowledgement. It’s obvious, after all, that as an employee you are going to be that much more engaged when you notice that the boss is really making an effort to organise something exceptional for you by way of a reward. At the same time they offer companies a superb platform for generating loyalty – to the brand, to corporate values and to people.

Manuel: And they offer massive benefits to the participants – when you have sweated up a mountain together, done something adventurous or had a simply marvellous experience, you get to know people in a different way. People who tend to be shy, in particular, often come across quite differently on an incentive trip. It’s is a very bonding experience.

What was your favourite Incentive to date, and why?

Dominique: It’s really hard to say – there have been so many breathtaking experiences. For me it is always an interaction between the destination, the idea and of course the participants. People in the end are the decisive factor for the way the trip turns out.

Manuel: I could list countless adventures we have had. But there wouldn’t be time for them all in the course of this interview! However, if you want to know my most impressive incentive trips, I would certainly include the trip to Japan – a place where the past meets the future – and our trip to Lapland in the north of Sweden, with an overnight stay in an Ice Hotel, and breathtaking nature in combination with those very nice open-hearted Swedes. A quote from my ex-wife sums it up nicely: ‘Manuel, I don’t believe there has been any place in the world that you didn’t like!’ – and that’s just how it is!

What do you like best about your job?

Dominique: Already when I was a child I wanted to travel the entire world, get to know other countries, cultures and languages. Today I can actually live out this passion in my work – what more could you ask for?! Trips are a source of personal inspiration to me.

Manuel: It’s never boring, I am always discovering new things, getting to know exciting people – and wherever the trip takes you, every time it expands my horizons. Before each new trip I get the most amazing butterflies in the stomach.

What makes Jazzunique’s Brand Escapes so unique?

Dominique: Their many-sided variety – we don’t just limit ourselves to high-class incentives. In the past people tended to think, the further away it was, the more exotic and hard to reach, the more special that made it. We say – ‘Well, of course names like the Maldives, New York and South Africa all sound seductive, and all these destinations offer fabulous possibilities for the perfect incentive trip – BUT based on experience and conviction, we know that you can offer people special experiences right on their very doorstep, and perhaps they will be even more surprised by it because they would never have expected it.’ Sort of in keeping with the old saying, ‘Why wander into distant climes when home has so much to offer?

Manuel: We link up the creativity of an adventure communication agency with our many years of experience – and what comes out can only be fabulous.

What are your personal Insider Tips?

Dominique: A street food tour of Istanbul with Hande Bozdoğan is an absolute insider tip in my view, and a fantastic way of getting to know this great city at really close quarters, along with its people and its cultures. Apart from which it is enormously pleasurable! The moment you start eating your way through Istanbul’s alleys with Hande, you become a part of the city. It’s simply amazing what goes on in culinary terms on the streets of Istanbul. With a day like this, you experience a fascinating potpourri of unforgettable impressions: unexpected and exotic treats, imaginative and curious people, fateful histories, impressive locations – an absolute inspiration.

Manuel: For me, THE unknown destination number one is Slovenia. Most people are only aware of it at all when they are on their way to a holiday in Croatia, or it just gets branded as belonging to the ‘Eastern bloc’. And yet the country offers unbelievable opportunities of organising great tours at short notice. My ideal weekend in Slovenia starts in Ljubljana, which I like to think of as ‘Little Salzburg’. This young city is authentic and warm, and there is a whole lot to see. On the next day you can proceed to the Adriatic, or into the mountains – according to taste. The best thing is that none of your destinations is going to take more than 60 minutes to reach.

Why Incentives with Jazzunique?

The Idea behind

Escapes Jazzunique

Jesper, what’s next on the programme? Is Germany no longer enough for you?

That’s right, now we want to take over the world! But on a serious note – last year we showed powerful growth, and now we want to expand our portfolio. So it was practically a lucky coincidence that with Manuel and Dominique on board, we were already provided with two experienced incentive managers. The expertise and creative potential of those two, along with the exciting customer portfolio of our agency, results in a fusion that is little short of perfect.

But what has travelling to do with live communication?

Basically it is always about creating unforgettable experiences for people, taking them out of the everyday frame and generating emotional moments which they associate with brands and companies.

And why Dominique and Manuel in particular?

We have already been working with them successfully for a long time. I know how fired up they are with the subject, and what a wealth of experience they have acquired in this area. Both of them have an impressive network at national and international level. I have confidence in them both, and know, too, that if something happens that is not exactly according to plan, they have a real talent for improvising.

What expectations and goals do you associate with incentives?

For me incentives are a massive boost to team spirit, and the best possible way of conveying your appreciation. The shared experience strengthens identification with the company enormously, and encourages the growth of loyalty. It gives you a chance of expanding your horizons – and in my opinion this is also going to make a powerful impact on your everyday attitude to your work, above all in raising the motivation of individual employees, partners and customers.

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