Ground-breaking ceremony on the floral island

Ground-breaking ceremony on the floral island

New visitors’ pavilion for the island of Siebenbergen

April 26, 2018 – The island of Siebenbergen is frequently described as ‘the loveliest floral island in Hessen’. It is hoped that the new visitors’ pavilion of the green museum of Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel [the Association of Hessen and Kassel Museums] will live up to this reputation. In partnership with haake architektur and MOST gartenlandschaften [MOST garden landscapes], Jazzunique was successful against several contenders in the competition to design the approach to the island. The challenge of the competition consisted in designing a new entrance area, along with a small shop, cash till and catering and service facilities.

With Hessen Minister of Art and Science, Boris Rhein, in attendance, the ground-breaking ceremony to initiate the realisation of the project took place on 21 April. The resulting structure is a bright, lightweight pavilion which – partly inspired by the place and its natural resources, along with the curving bridge – evokes the architecture of the nineteen-fifties, while stylishly adapting it to the standards of today. The interior of the building includes seating and a café, a service point, cash till and a shop.

Natural materials constantly link the island and its nature with the interior of the new visitor centre. Facing the water, a small roofed terrace has been created. The new architecture thus deliberately creates a space where visitors can feel they have arrived and choose to linger. The approach to the bridge becomes the exit and terminal of a discovery outing to the island of Siebenbergen, and in future will unite all functions at a single point.

Photographic credits: Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel, Photographer: Lothar Koch