Triaction by Triumph Roadshow

Triaction by Triumph Roadshow

Find the one that moves you

March 20, 2018 – “Find the one that moves you” – that was Triumph’s slogan for its Triaction collection, encouraging women to find the sports bra that suits them best. Since mid-February we have been accompanying the Swiss underwear manufacturer on a roadshow going the length and breadth of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Under the motto ‘only for women’, the Triaction Cube designed by Jazzunique has been an eye-catching highlight in shopping malls everywhere.

The feeling and performance of the sports bra are the main focus of the publicity, these qualities being directly demonstrated on the stage in front of the Cube.

The collection is shown in action through various live workouts, including Acroyoga, Power and Dance. These are performed by professional sportswomen, who in a subsequent interview with moderator Julia Hagel give an account of their experiences on the everyday level, and highlight the features of the different models. According to Triumph, Triaction offers ‘the right sports bra for every kind of body and every kind of sport.’ In the Triaction Cube, women can have a fitting free of charge with trained Triumph members of staff and try out the collection for themselves.

After that it’s a matter of ‘Just click and jump’ – a trampoline photobox allows you to take lively snapshots of yourself in mid-air, which can then be directly posted to social media.

After the sporting bit, you can relax and unwind at the smoothie bar, and replenish your energy levels with a vitamin boost free of charge. And when you purchase a product from the Triaction collection, you get a stylish giveaway for your next visit to the fitness studio – so it’s certainly worth stopping by!