Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance Sommerfest
Clifford Chance Sommerfest 2015

Everytime a new world

It might be a trip to the moon, a garden of lucky coincidences or an oasis of daring challenges – at the summer festival of the law firm Clifford Chance, Jazzunique makes a habit of transporting its guests into all kinds of new worlds. There is nothing here to suggest the rather conservative image of the legal profession. Three years in a row, Jazzunique has transformed the historic Villa Metzler into an unusual place full of little surprises. Stories are told here, with loving care for the tiniest detail.

It all started three years ago with a trip to the moon and a tour of the glorious sixties – when men were still ‘proper men’, when cigarette smoke was still thought stylish, when stewardesses had the vital statistics of a model, aircraft captains were heroes of the air and glittering entertainers took centre stage. The following year, some 800 guests came together in the garden of lucky coincidences. Here the surprises waiting to be discovered included a young conductor majestically raising his baton to stage the light backdrop of the night, a fantastical Mother Hulda sending showers of feathers over the heads of the audience and a melodic intermezzo between a dancing ballerina and a hurdy-gurdy player.

Following all this fairytale romanticism, in the third year we invited people to interact. Under the motto of ‘PLAY’, ‘Searching hand’, ‘Quick eye’ and (in the truest sense of the word) tingling treats appealed to the play instinct of the guests. As in previous years, the design surrounding the ‘Play’ theme was anything but ordinary. The surprisingly provocative key visual in pop-up style comprised the four challenging letters P.L.A.Y., on a patterned black and white surface that came close to being hypnotic. A touchy-feely box, mountebanks, trials of courage – everywhere at this event, adventurous interactive interludes were concealed for the visitors to discover. How far they wanted to go was left up to them. But as the saying has it – who dares, wins!


Summerfestival 2016

Jazzunique clifford chance sommerfest2016 playClifford Chance Sommerfest 2016 Play
Clifford Chance Sommerfest 2016
Clifford Chance Sommerfest 2016 Spiel
Clifford Chance Sommerfest 2016 Design Möblierung
Clifford Chance Sommerfest 2016 Dekoration Garten
Clifford Chance Sommerfest 2016

Project team: Julia Götz, Helen Fiedler, Noomi Neumann, Jana Wagner, Johanna Müller, Philomena Gottschlich, Damiano Heil and Michael Jandt


Summerfestival 2015

Clifford Chance Sommerfest 2015 Serendipity
Clifford Chance Sommerfest 2015
Clifford Chance Sommerfest Tänzerin

Project team: Julia Götz, Elsa Senn, Helen Fiedler, Damiano Heil, Michael Jandt, Mert Fisansoy and Philomena Gottschlich

Fly me to the moon

Summerfestival 2014

clifford Chance Sommerfest Fly me to the moon Programmheft
Clifford Chance Sommerfest fly me to the moon Flugbegleiter
Clifford Chance Sommerfest fly me to the moon location

Project team: Julia Götz, Katharina Mertens, Philomena Gottschlich and Elsa Senn


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