Jubilee Celebration

Jubilee celebration

350 years of Merck

Merck Festakt 350 Jahre Jubiläum Agentur
Merck Festakt 350 Jahre Jubiläum Celebrate Curiosity Key Visual

Fascinating time travel through a company’s history

In this European ceremony, Merck paid tribute to 350 years of an impressive corporate past. As lead agency, we had the honourable task of devising an event that would be a multifaceted, rich in content and absorbing – one that would interweave the history of the company with its present and future. Our presentation in three acts invited guests to join us on a fascinating trip back in time, taking its point of departure in the origin of the company as a small Darmstadt municipal pharmacy. A 360-degree dome film linked crucial landmarks of corporate history with contemporary events and scientific discoveries. The ‘Celebrate Curiosity’ leitmotif was reflected in every aspect of the design we developed for the occasion.

The stirring 360 degree projection was developed by us in partnership with N.O.ME and Loop Light. Based on intensive research into Merck’s history and archives, we were able to summarise our findings in the form of story boards and story books as a basis for the presentation.

In one of the biggest geodetic domes worldwide, the ‘M-Sphere’ – initiated by Merck, planned and realised in conjunction with the Berlin company Zenvision – the guests were able to immerse themselves in all the colourful variety of the company. With a 2800 square metre surface for 360° film showings, and sophisticated audio and projection technology, the widely visible dome structure will continue to serve as a flexible venue for the entire jubilee year.

A water basin, specially designed by us for the ceremony, emphasised and enlarged the central interior, and enhanced the effect of the media content with its play of reflections. In conjunction with the efforts of Studio Hamburg in constructing the stage and grandstands, this gave rise to an exceptionally vivid ambiance.

Along with the planning and realisation of the presentation, we were also entrusted with the entire organisational execution. We worked here in partnership with numerous acknowledged experts.

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Merck Festakt 350 Jahre Jubiläum Content BespielungMerck Festakt 350 Jahre Jubiläum Projektion
Merck Festakt 350 Jahre Jubiläum Mercrobe Projektion ContentMerck Festakt 350 Jahre Jubiläum Kuppel Darmstadt
Merck Festakt 350 Jahre Jubiläum Philharmonie M-Sphere
Merck Festakt 350 Jahre Jubiläum Philharmonie

Project team: Damiano Heil, Josephine Würl, Marja Stratbücker, Steffen Weber, Cansu Celik, Philomena Gottschlich, Stefanie Bollig, Sacha Knoche, Bente Krämer, Andrejas Vodjevic, Silvia Saure and Martin Zang // Photos: © Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany/Wolfram Scheible; Jazzunique Kristof Lemp


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