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360° real estate marketing

Garden Tower Frankfurt

Barings Gardentower Musteretage Pop-up Immobilienkampagne
Barings Gardentower Musteretage Pop-up

Panoramically out of the ordinary. Commissioned by Barings Real Estate Advisers, we developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to give the Frankfurt Garden Tower a quite unique character. Starting from an innovative pop-up showroom, and proceeding with visual publicity into the final relaunch party,

we succeeded in giving the high-rise building a powerful emotional charge. This offered us the opportunity of putting all our special talents to the proof – a showcase illustration of our effective interdisciplinary approach.

a pop-up showroom

Brand Spaces

A showcase office of the next generation, with a virtual exhibition experience, was brought into being on the seventh floor of the Garden Tower. The special challenge here was that several showrooms had to be created, functioning independently of one another. By contrast with the classic kind of office premises, we implemented an unconventional counterpart. With the help of a systematic choice of colours, flexible furnishing modules and a variety of material samples, this design variant in pop-up style conveyed to visitors the many and different ways in which the available space could be used.

Graphic elements and tape art relating to the ‘urban jungle’ theme create a playful transition between widely divergent office designs. In the context of the virtual exhibition experience, the third showroom is a particular highlight. Together with our partner HH Vision, here we created digital office worlds which visitors can explore at four terminals with the help of VR spectacles. The visualisations represent the completed office world for which the showrooms are a preliminary sketch.

Barings Gardentower Musteretage Pop-up
Barings Gardentower Musteretage Pop-up
Barings Gardentower Musteretage Pop-up
Barings Gardentower Musteretage Pop-up
Barings Gardentower Musteretage Pop-up
Barings Gardentower Musteretage Pop-up

Project team: Annika Michler, Andrejas Vodjevic and Timo Schröder

Exposé and online presentation


Bright, modern and playful – that sums up the Garden Tower since it was revitalised. And the same attributes apply with equal aptitude to the visual publicity dedicated to the marketing of the office premises. We created a design concept for the purpose which adapts the existing CI of the building, and reassembles it strategically – both in analogue and in digital terms.

In addition to the conception and realisation of the content and design aspects of the information media, exposé and website, we also took on responsibility for the branding of all giveaways.

Barings Gardentower Design Website Mobile
Barings Gardentower Design Broschüre Cover
Barings Gardentower Design Website
Barings Gardentower Design Broschüre
Barings Gardentower Design Give-aways
Barings Gardentower Design Broschüre

Project team: Philomena Gottschlich, Giuliano Heil, Stefanie Bollig and Bente Krämer

The Relaunch Party

Live Communication

‘Rumble in the urban jungle’! Inspired by the winter gardens on each floor of the building, the design of the showroom storey had a tropical atmosphere right from the start. The theme reached its climax in the ‘Tropical Move’ relaunch party.

This involved the coming together of tropical rainforest and urban movement, giving rise to exciting contrasts. In smart style and with a minute love of detail, the motto succeeded in consistently pervading the event.

Barings Gardentower Party
Barings Gardentower Party
Barings Gardentower Party
Barings Gardentower Party DJBarings Gardentower Party
Barings Gardentower Party Virtual Reality
Barings Gardentower Party Bar

Project team: Shanaya Da Silva Pahl, Manuel Leher, Pasquale Liske and Annika Hering


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