German Design Award 2019

German Design Award trade fair presentation 2019

German Design Council

Exhibition design on the occasion of the Ambiente trade fair

Every year the premium prize of the German Design Council forms part of the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt. The important exhibition of winning projects falls into two parts – the  ‘Excellent Product Design’ category being shown at the Ambiente itself, and ‘Excellent Communications Design’ appearing this year at Frankfurt’s Museum of Applied Arts. With an area of 300 square metres at the museum to play with, and nearly 500 at the trade fair, we were asked to develop a stand design which would present the winners in suitably exclusive style. Our aim here was to create a holistic exhibition concept, notwithstanding the two separate exhibition areas with their different features and requirements.

With the help of restructuring and clear thematic demarcations, we came up with a transparent and approachable exhibition experience, where visitors could get their bearings immediately as they systematically progressed through it. The simple typology and reduced forms and colours were in keeping with the Design Council’s branding. So the stand itself played a modest part, the attention of the visitor being rather drawn to what was important – the prizewinning design projects, which were experienced in haptic or digital form.  With a view to sustainably improving the experience of the exhibition, we incorporated new digital tools such as an RFID system. This gave visitors the possibility of assembling their own file of in-depth information, and accessing it again when they were back home.

Exhibition design at Frankfurt’s Museum of Applied Arts

Project team: Adriane Urbanek, Lena Albers, Isa Hartikainen and Eva Kneer  Photos: Kristof Lemp


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