Hall of Fame 2017

Hall of Fame of german research 2017


Merck Hall of Fame 2017

The facets of success

The Hall of Fame of German Research pays tribute to exceptional researchers and entrepreneurs whose trailblazing ideas have had an impact on the German research landscape, and made Germany fitter for the future as a centre of industry. In partnership with the hosts, Merck and manager magazine, Jazzunique was involved in the event for the third time and was able to make a significant contribution to the planning and realisation of the project.

‘The facets of success’ – the facets of those personalities, that is to say, who are driven to discover new things, research into terra incognita and develop exceptional innovations – was the motif that formed the conceptual focus of Jazzunique’s presentation this year. The historic festive hall of the Gesellschaftshaus [Assembly Rooms] of Frankfurt’s Palmengarten was chosen as a backdrop for the prizegiving ceremony. The attributes of openness, creativity, persistence, courage and confidence were presented here in an impressive audiovisual display. ‘Space creates feeling’: with perfect dramatic timing, kinetic lights on the ceiling of the hall repeatedly suggested new spatial structures. In keeping with the aspect being presented, the architecture thus reflected first ‘wild creativity’, and then ‘undulating persistence’.

Each of the qualities, moreover, was represented by an instrument: piano, violin, cello and saxophone. Following their individual acts, the musical surrogates of the attributes got together in a harmonious ensemble – symbolising the successful breakthrough of the scientists being honoured. As in the previous year, Jazzunique was also responsible for the design of the award itself, the grainy texture of which reflected the stages of the individual creative history of the researchers.

Merck Hall of Fame 2017
Merck Hall of Fame 2017Merck Hall of Fame 2017
Merck Hall of Fame 2017
Hall of Fame Merck 2017
Merck Hall of Fame 2017
Merck Hall of Fame 2017

Project team: Samira Schulze, Sacha Knoche, Damiano Heil, Michael Jandt, Philomena Gottschlich und Marja Stratbücker, Pictures: Kristof Lemp, Clip: Filmhafen


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