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Maison Triumph Party

Marrakech in the heart of Munich

80 tons weight of exotic interior, 500 roses, 240 bottles of champagne, 450 invited guests and a villa – it all adds up to a legendary night. Jazzunique had been asked by the leading producer of lingerie and bodywear to organise a house party at Maison Triumph. The agency transformed the premises of the Nymphenburg porcelain factory into an oriental oasis, and so transported Marrakech for one night directly into the heart of Munich. The dress code was ‘Bohemian chic’, and the same motto could be traced through every nook and cranny of the splendid building and surrounding garden.

Nazan Eckes, Karoline Herfurth, Stephanie Stumph and many other friends of Triumph, along with trading partners and press representatives, celebrated the brand’s 130 years of expertise and experience until well into the small hours. As you expect to find with any successful house party, there was something new to discover in every room. At the entrance the guests were welcomed by an attractive hostess in a kaftan, who later turned out to be a burlesque dancer. Bedrooms, bathrooms and sitting rooms became a stage for singer and song writer Alice Hill and the DJs Alex Heckel and Porto Bello.

The burlesque dancer ChiChi Bouvet cleared a path for herself through the entire house, repeatedly providing a spontaneous topic of conversation. The necessary fundamentals were supplied in the form of oriental delicacies – samosas, hummus and lamb dishes – which were freshly prepared at the Live Cooking buffet in the kitchen. The evening was a complete success for all those taking part, and will certainly not be forgotten in a hurry.

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maison Triumph Party
Maison Triumph Party
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Project team: Manuel Leher, Shanaya Da Silva Pahl, Damiano Heil and  Michael Jandt





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