MINI conquers Geneva

With a 200 x 30 meter projection onto Mount Salève on the eve of the 80th Geneva Car Show


MINI conquers Geneva Genf Miniwood

Hollywood in Switzerland


JAZZUNIQUE and MINI go for guerilla marketing campaign in Geneva for the world première of the “MINI Countryman“. JAZZUNIQUE prepared the new MINI under cover of night: With perfectly prepared guerilla actions in and around Geneva, the creatives from Frankfurt set the tone impressively for the new “MINI Countryman”. MINI brought a filmworthy Hollywood feel to Geneva with an oversized projection of the word “MINIWOOD” on a mountain range.

The 80th Geneva Car Show began with a bang which was soon on every tongue at the show. For the world première of the “MINI Countryman”, the Frankfurt event and design agency, JAZZUNIQUE, transformed the Swiss town into a film metropolis.

High-performance projectors with 28,000 watt power and a luminosity of 348,000 ANSI lumens projected the word “MINIWOOD” in 30 meter high letters onto the mountain range of Mount Salève in true Hollywood style.

Four doors for the first time, a length of over four meters, four-wheel drive – but still typically Mini: the star factor of the BMW Group’s youngest offspring is gigantic.

That is why the JAZZUNIQUE team sprayed the famous stars of the “Walk of Fame” on the pavements of the UN metropolis. The only nominee was the “MINI Countryman“.

Around the airport and the nearby exhibition centre, haphazardly hung première posters announced the film “Getaway“ along the lines of the new slogan: “MINI Countryman. Getaway” with the “MINI Countryman“ in the leading role.

Postcards with the MINIWOOD motif and stickers bearing the slogan “I became famous in MINIWOOD“ were also distributed everywhere.

Even in the streets of the town, the accompanying “Red Carpet Parking” promotion gave a prominent to the newcomer from MINIWOOD, as placed on a red carpet and separated from the daily traffic by a red velvet cord, a bodyguard protected the new star of the automobile scene.

But not satisfied with that: the creatives from Frankfurt’s Westhafen also put together a “viral” video which found thousands of fans on the internet within a few hours. With tongue in cheek, it tells the story of MINIWOOD – and how the new name of the town appears from the powerful headlights of a Countryman over the silhouette of the town, see also images in three dimensions:

However, before MINI fans could misuse their own vehicles for similar activities, the team unveiled the real background of the projection via a ‘Real Making of’ on YouTube

MINI conquers Geneva Genf Miniwood
MINI conquers Geneva Genf MiniwoodMINI conquers Geneva Genf Miniwood
MINI conquers Geneva Genf Miniwood
MINI conquers Geneva Genf Miniwood

Project team: Daniel Tobias Etzel, Botho Reichmann and Martin Liebig



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