Premier Amour

Sofitel Frankfurt Opera

Sofitel Premier Amour

The magic of a great love…

…experienced for the first time: that was what we put across at the events debut of Frankfurt’s luxury hotel – the Sofitel at the Alte Oper. Inspired by the love of the young Johann Wolfgang von Goethe for Anna-Elisabeth Schönemann, we invited 280 guests from politics, industry, culture and high society to experience the magic of this feeling with all their senses at the opening ceremony. The main focus was on the enthusiasm of the poet and his beloved for art, culture, aesthetics and haute couture. Every detail of the event reflected the devotion and mutual euphoria of the pair, for life and for each other – ranging from handwritten invitations sealed with sealing wax, recalling love-letters from the days of the lyric poet, to the on-site scenography and the affectionate parting gifts presented to the guests.

White doves, a piano concerto, culinary declarations of love – all these were ways of recalling the history of the young couple in its different aspects. There were short dramatic scenes with dialogue specially composed by Jazzunique, and there was tap dancing – with different artists representing the loving couple. The sense of taste was looked after by the hotel’s own Restaurant Schönemann and the associated patisserie. Guests experienced the wines in a very special way, with the help of an illustrator – who provided portraits for the labels of select vintages.

Even a parfumier was on hand to encourage the guests’ sense of smell, and help them create their very own personal scent. The event reached a climax with the ‘private party’ in the President’s Suite and on the roof terrace, offering incomparable views of the Frankfurt skyline. This too became a stage for the actors who stood in for Lili and Goethe. And watch this space – a second hotel event is already being planned to continue the story next year.

Sofitel Premier AmourSofitel Premier Amour
Sofitel Premier Amour
Sofitel Premier Amour
Sofitel Premier Amour
Sofitel Premier Amour
Sofitel Premier Amour

Project team: Anna Jacobs, Katja Ellrodt-Stich, Noomi Neumann, Giuliano Heil, Michael Jandt and Marco Simone Dos Santos Ippolito


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