360° Kick-Off Meeting


Puma kick-off meeting

Staging of the international kick-off meeting with emotional opening show

The event agency, Jazzunique GmbH from Frankfurt am Main enthused the international employees with a varied opening show for PUMA’s 360° meeting on April 19 and 25, 2012 in Herzogenaurach in Franconia. Previously, Jazzunique had prevailed over several competitors in a pitch and since then it has counted this enterprise which is one of the leading sports lifestyle companies in the world, among its clients. Impressive, innovative and colorful – those are the words to describe the presentation of PUMA’s new SS 13 Collection. The challenge consisted in integrating product and marketing themes into the two hour opening show and arousing the guests’ interest in the subsequent workshops.

Jazzunique transported the roughly 400 employees in each case to the world occupied by the two product areas, lifestyle and performance, with an emotionally touching blend of energy-laden showpieces and the presentation of new products. In implementing the concept, Jazzunique made sure that the two divisions of the company, lifestyle and performance, were clearly communicated. To make this a tangible experience on entering the location, two black tunnels were installed by way of access. Performance and lifestyle drinks fitting the theme and appropriate furnishings further illustrated this division of the location into two sections. On stage, the two divisions were communicated on expansive projection surfaces. For the opening, “Candy Girls” dressed in gaily colored PUMA outfits surprised the guests and instilled the right mood for the following events by handing out energy drinks, lollipops and chewing gum. The start of the show was marked by a performance by an Indie Rock band that had been announced – supported by a surprise performance by PUMA CEO Franz Koch who also let his guitar do the talking.

The show was characterized by sharp contrasts resulting from sudden changes of scene from white to multi-colored, from dim lighting to strong shadows, from soft to loud music as well as the contrasts provided by motionless phases and pulsating movement. The presentation of a new product was introduced by a mixture of elegant acrobatics and daring stage performances. A symbiosis of the elegance of cloth acrobatics and the energy-laden power of stage runners provided the foundation for highly emotional moment of revelation – charged with a breathtaking fusion of power, performance, energy and elegance. The event culminated in a rousing fashion show – with varied choreography consisting of a fast sequence of programed dance performances, classic catwalk and dance routines. The particular themes of the collection were also visually communicated on projection surfaces. Musically, the show was supported by a live musician who generated his sounds and beats with synthesizers, guitar and drums as well as his voice. The musical fragments gradually evolved into a complex wall of sound whereby each collection was assigned its own musical identity. The fashion show was developed in close collaboration with Adelinde Knorr Showdesign and it focused on communicating emotion and motivation. The finale provided a transition to the following workshops.

Puma kick-off meeting
Puma Kick-off meeting
Puma kick-off meeting

Project team: Josephine Würl, Mathias Pritzkow, Tatjana Millman, Esra Arslan, Alisa Speckhardt and Christine May


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