Tupperware Roadshow
Tupperware Roadshow

From the living rooms to a street event

For more than 60 years the American Tupperware group has been revolutionising the self-conception of millions of men and women and their families. Jazzunique staged the legendary Tupperparty for the first time as a street event. The roadshow takes place in 15 different towns in all parts of Germany, with a view to presenting the Tupperware product of the year – the first steamer for the microwave, the Tupperware MicroGourmet. Jazzunique is responsible for the concept, the organisation and the actual execution of the roadshow. The agency’s Brand Spaces team has come up with a unique look for the tour, by creating a cosy lounge with a kitchen and hospitality area.

The colourful variety of the brand with its products, which without any concessions to prefabricated foods supports practical solutions for everyday problems in relation to conscious diet choices, forms the central design element. A personal and inviting atmosphere encourages direct contact with interested visitors. The team will be spending two days in each town, stationed alongside shopping centres or pedestrian zones. Thanks to the flexible tables and shelf systems, the stand can easily be adapted to different urban situations. Either a long board or smaller table islands can be set up, encouraging the collective sampling of freshly prepared delicacies.

Along with experienced Tupperware promoters, the famous chef Stephan Börner accompanies the tour and gives live demonstrations, using the steam cooker to create gourmet  dishes. In his past career Mr. Börner has had a lot of experience of cooking at roadshows and trade fairs, and has shared the stage with various television chefs, including Johann Lafer, Horst Lichter and Tim Mälzer, in show presentations. His motto is, ‘I cook for my guests just the same way as I would cook for myself.’

Tupperware Roadshow
Tupperware RoadshowTupperware Roadshow
Tupperware Roadshow
Tupperware Roadshow

Project team: Neele Zimmermann, Katharina Mertens, Silvia Saure, Anna Jacobs, Damiano Heil and Michael Jandt


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