Triaction Roadshow

Triaction Roadshow 2018


Triumph Triaction Roadshow Bühne
Triumph Triaction Roadshow Bühne Rednerin

‘Find the one that moves you’

… that was the slogan of the international bodywear and lingerie maker Triumph with its Triaction collection, inviting women to find the sports bra that suits them best. Taking in five big shopping malls in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, our roadshow gave a vivid demonstration of the feeling and performance of Triumph’s sports bras. In this context we were not just responsible for event planning and the live programme on site; we also planned the architecture and supervised the realisation of the Triaction Cube – an eyecatching structure designed to attract the attention of customers in the shopping centres.

The apron stage of the Cube was used for a variety of live demonstrations, including Acro Yoga, power workouts and dance. The collection was modelled in action and tested by professional sportswomen. A subsequent interview with the moderator Julia Hagel gave participants the opportunity of airing their experiences of everyday, and highlighting the features of the different models. Inside the Triaction Cube, female shoppers were invited to immerse themselves in the ‘brand environment’ and learn more about the brand and the products. ‘Try Anything’ was the slogan here, as a means of linking sport and entertainment while meeting the needs of the chosen target group.

Deliberately distancing ourselves from classic promotion clichés, we and our Cube created a modern and sporting brand perception capable of being applied in many different ways. The use of transparent fabrics allowed visitors to detect movements in the interior of the Cube, so kindling their curiosity. The materials of the Cube were ideally adapted to a roadshow: easy to set up and dismantle, variable and flexible in form and size – so perfectly suited to multiple use.

Triumph Triaction Roadshow Acro Yoga Bühne
Triumph Triaction Roadshow Cube Only for Women
Triumph Triaction Roadshow Tänzer
Triumph Triaction Roadshow Design Karte

Project team: Damiano Heil, Nikolas von Saurma-Jeltsch, Lea Guist, Natascha Kneissl, Shanaya da Silva Pahl, Hannah Meister, Silvia Saure, Stefanie Bollig and Marco dos Santos Ippolito


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