New office design

New office design

UDG United Digital Group

UDG Office Konzept Berlin
UDG Office Konzept Berlin German Design Award

Consistent Look & Feel for digital agency

The times they are a-changin’ – and so are office designs. What used to be just a straightforward workplace is now a place for encounter, creativity and cooperation. So when it came to a new office design for UDG – the United Digital Group – Jazzunique put the main emphasis on the human being and the human being’s need for communication. The offices were remodelled, in some cases completely redesigned from scratch. The aim was to give the digital agency a consistent look and feel.

With this objective in mind, Jazzunique worked with the United Digital Group to create a design guideline which can be flexibly adapted to meet the different requirements of the various offices, with their different working cultures and team structures. Company staff have already been able to move into redesigned premises in Hamburg and Düsseldorf. The new look aspires to create a common identity for customers and employees, with a distinctively recognisable flavour. Traditional office elements like the classic reception counters, which are often felt to be a barrier between visitors and the company, have been broken up and reinterpreted.

The result that emerged was a significant core element, which will find a place at all company offices in future – the UDG ‘house’, a communication-focused island in the entrance hallway which incorporates flexible workstations and a café, so offering a space for social interaction between visitors, customers and staff.

  • Nominee German Design Award 2017

UDG Berlin

UDG Office Konzept Berlin
UDG Office Konzept Berlin
UDG Office Konzept Berlin Küche
UDG Office Konzept Berlin LampenUDG Office Konzept Berlin Flur
UDG Office Konzept Berlin Regal
UDG Office Konzept Berlin Arbeitsplätze

UDG Hamburg

UDG Office Konzept Hamburg
UDG Office Konzept HamburgUDG Office Konzept HamburgUDG Office Konzept Hamburg
UDG Office Konzept Hamburg
UDG Office Konzept Hamburg

Project team: Annika Michler, Stefanie Zingel, Mathias Pritzkow, Katharina Mertens, Sarah Krahe, Jana Wagner and Johanna Müller 


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