imprfct space No 1

Engin Dogan

Urban art as an immersive spatial experience

The exhibition with Engin Dogan gave the starting signal for the imprfct space and thus for a long-term series of art experiences.

The type of cooperation was also a first for Engin Dogan. The Aschaffenburg artist has been an integral part of the urban art movement since the early 1990s and began painting with acrylic paints and graffiti, later concentrating on calligraphy. In doing so, he does not necessarily depict original typefaces, but rather plays with typefaces and the aesthetics of the individual characters. He combines right angles, circles and lines with calligraphic elements. His works have already been seen in a wide variety of places around the world, working primarily in Germany and Turkey. In his work for the imrfct space, he pursued the idea of ​​creating a walk-in work that takes the viewer on a visual journey of creation and thus ensures a fusion between the present and the future.

In order to realize this idea, he worked out his work of art only up to a certain point. The final result was made tangible through a digital extension, which made the art appear alive and thus complete it.

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Digital extension through augmented reality

bright!, the design and technology studio based near Frankfurt, was responsible for completing the work of art. For this purpose, the last phases of the spatial design were created digitally by 3D designers and expanded into the room. Under the guidance of Engin Dogan, bright! a result was achieved that could be experienced both two-dimensionally and three-dimensionally using augmented reality technology. The processing mixed different states of the creation process with content that can be experienced purely digitally and thus formed the final link between the past, present and imagined hybrid future of the artwork.

This was made possible by a point cloud-based 3D scan of the work and a special image-based capture of the artwork throughout the entire creation process. The data obtained was then used to make the digital meta-level of the artwork tangible.

More about bright!:

For Jesper Götsch (founder of Jazzunique), working with Engin Dogan and bright! represents an ideal start for the new imprfct-space series: "The need for lively togetherness is not decreasing in the digital age - on the contrary. Therefore, for us, the interaction of digital technologies and real events is the key to success. What Dogan and bright! do with us now perfectly reflects this philosophy".

In order to give the cooperation an additional value that goes beyond the design of the spatial dimension, we have decided to record the cooperation in the form of NFTs. The non-funible tokens enable us to transform the digitally enhanced and completed installation into irreplaceable works of art that capture the temporary exhibition in the form of unique collector's items.

As part of this, we decided on three components of the cooperation, which reflect the individual components of the creation. These can be viewed and purchased here.

Following the exhibition with Engin Dogan, the second imprfct space was realized with the artist Max Geisler. Here is more information about the imprfct space No 2.

In addition, the imprfct space received the iF DESIGN AWARD 2023 in the INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE discipline, under the INSTALLATIONS category.

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