August 21, 2023

We have signed the "Charta der Vielfalt"!

This groundbreaking initiative represents our voluntary commitment to create an organisational culture of mutual respect and openness. Our goal is to actively promote diversity in our company and to create an inclusive environment where every voice counts.


The importance of the Charter

The Diversity Charter stands for the recognition and promotion of social diversity, which is shaped by globalisation and demographic change in Germany. The conscious handling of this diversity is an essential key to the economic and social success of a company. Diversity in the company itself and in the selection of our business partners offers not only the opportunity for more creativity, but also for innovative solutions, because the different abilities and talents of the employees are the fuel for the progress and development of an organization.


Our mission for the future

The implementation of the Diversity Charter at Jazzunique has a clear objective: the creation of an inclusive and non-prejudiced working environment. Regardless of characteristics such as age, origin, gender, abilities, religion or sexual orientation, we strive to create an atmosphere of trust and appreciation. By signing the Diversity Charter, we commit ourselves to continuously developing and improving our organisational culture. In this way, we ensure that our structures correspond to the diverse abilities and talents of our employees. Our colleagues are actively involved in this process in order to create a working environment in which each and every individual can develop their full potential.


The signing of the Diversity Charter is an important step for us to anchor and promote diversity in our company.

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