August 11, 2023

Timo is part of the BrandEx jury

We proudly introduce you to the new member of the BrandEx24 jury:

Timo Schröder is our Creative Director for Space Experience and will support the expert jury in the ARCHITECTURE area.

“Spaces are the most holistic mediums of a designer.” As a graduate interior designer and master of scenography and spatial art, Timo Schröder combines the worlds of staging & interaction with those of aesthetics & atmosphere. Starting as a concept developer 7 years ago, Timo has now been creative director for 2 years and, as team leader, leads an interdisciplinary creative team at Jazzunique. As a source of inspiration and pace, he works significantly on the creation and realization of aesthetic experiences and their communication for the entire customer spectrum of Jazzunique. Whether workplace design, exhibition design, real estate marketing or retail design - if there is a brand, a person and a space, then it is the common vision of Timo and Jazzunique to create a brand experience that is as holistic as possible.

Here is what Timo says about his participation in the jury:

“A brand experience without aesthetics is just a fleeting snapshot.” Everything has gotten faster. The pandemic was a booster for all areas of experiential communication and the evolution of AI's was a catalyst for creation and information. Our task as designers is therefore more important than ever before: putting people at the center and curating aesthetics.

We are the ones who turn an event into an experience. For me, being part of a jury also means being part of an interdisciplinary community. A community that learns from and respects each other.


Projects for the creative award for successful live communication can still be submitted until the end of the month - we look forward to the submissions!

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