March 29, 2023

Creative energy meets AI

This month we were able to welcome a group of up-and-coming creatives at Jazzunique - the current year of the treibhaus program.

treib what? In the treibhaus, young, talented people are trained to become forward-looking professionals within a year and receive valuable insights from industry experts. You take part in various workshops and thereby acquire important know-how for creative concepts. Since October, Selina has been a jazzunique Allstar and at the same time a participant in this year's triebhaus year.

The current teibhaus module took place this month in Frankfurt, where we had the pleasure of showing our agency to the participants.

A workshop organized by Jazzunique was intended to give an insight into the topic of artificial intelligence. As a creative agency, we are convinced that AI will be an important aspect in our future working world - you can find our theses about that topic here.

Our Allstars Jens (treibhaus Alumni) and Dennis put a lot of effort into bringing the topic closer to the new generation:

After an introduction by Natascha into the world of Jazzunique, our Allstars let the participants dive deep into the topic of artificial intelligence. With many bad A.I. word games and an A.Icebreaker quiz, the participants were slowly introduced to the topic. To do this, they had previously given two truths about themselves - which were then supplemented by a potential lie with the help of ChatGPT. It was then guessed: Which assumption comes from an A.I.? This made for some surprising and funny moments, such as the discovery that one of the contestants was illegitimate to the Danish royal family!

In order to be able to use artificial intelligence in a goal-oriented manner, there was also a theory unit for the greenhouse workers, in which Benjamin Kiefer from the Chair of Cognitive Systems at the University of Tübingen provided valuable insights into the topic. ChatGPT and midjourney were presented as particularly helpful A.I.s for the conception. But as with any technology, A.I. important to use them correctly, which in turn requires practice and know-how. The all-stars Jens and Dennis contributed the appropriate expertise and imparted the necessary knowledge, according to the motto: How to prompt like a pro.

The participants were then allowed to demonstrate what they had learned using various tasks, which showed that it is not that easy to find the right prompts for a desired image in midjourney. So you need a lot of practice to get a planned result. And what does that mean for the greenhouse workers? At the next idle time, midjourney is opened and practiced - the first even started with it on the same evening in the hotel room.

At the end of the workshop there was pizza and drinks on our Rampe. Our Allstar Selina thought it was another successful, inspiring weekend where the treibhaus team was able to learn a lot. Thank you for the wonderful time!

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