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Beauty Confessions - With authenticity & openness to a body positivity campaign

Focus on body positivity

For the international aesthetics and pharmaceutical company Merz Aesthetics®, we created an emotional campaign that highlights self-confidence in one's own body and "body positivity" and challenges the mostly negative attitudes towards beauty treatments and the associated social stigmas. The aim is to create space for discourse on this topic and to break down prejudices and inhibitions about talking openly about medical aesthetic treatments.

Influencers and unique personalities

"Beauty Confessions" is the name of the campaign for Merz Aesthetics®, for which we developed and implemented the holistic concept and storyline. Together with the production company Anqer GmbH, we created videos that tell the story of various protagonists with different appearances, unique features and characters. In the second stage of the campaign, experts from the fields of social media, medicine and beauty science shed light on the topic from their professional perspective. As the campaign is mainly played out on social media, we also focused on public figures who have a presence in the relevant channels and enhance the campaign through their authenticity and an already established relationship of trust with their audience. 

The recordings expand the brand and campaign world of Merz Aesthetics® in the public appearance by involving statements by the protagonists on imperfections or atypical features and focus on individuality, self-confidence and acceptance. The videos were distributed via the Merz Aesthetics® social media channels as part of the overarching "Beauty Confessions" campaign.

Expansion of the corporate identity

Natural, muted colors and close-ups create an intimacy for the messages and visually characterize the campaign. At this point, we deliberately opted for a color composition that expands Merz Aesthetics' previous corporate identity. With this campaign, we took up the current trending topic of "body positivity" in order to expand the term and transform the existing stigma regarding medical-aesthetic procedures into a discourse for individual freedom of choice. Instead of exclusivity and exclusion through such treatments, the brand conveys a feeling of inclusivity and self-acceptance. For Merz Aesthetics®, the campaign also paves the way for a new brand image language and tonality, which represents an important next step for the perception and acceptance of the brand.

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