July 5, 2023


Bloom bloom bloom - We want plants in our room - this is the motto for our new Workplace Experience at Jazzunique. It is no longer enough for us to have a green thumb - we want to create a complete living space in which both plants and minds can flourish.

The office as a fixed place of work is much discussed and the topic of activation in the office is also becoming more and more important these days. So what experience should be created to achieve an appropriate Workplace Experience?!

At Jazzunique, we are constantly challenging ourselves to turn our own spaces into experimental fields for art, design and staging. Thereby, we repeatedly confront the question of appropriate Workplace Experiences and let our DNA of aesthetic experiences spatially come to life. This regularly creates a new home base for the development and manifestation of our corporate culture.

With our current installation, the BLOOM BOX, we are creating a working environment for ourselves in the office that gives space to our relationship with nature: Spaces to breathe - spaces for new ideas - spaces to flourish and at the same time also a new experimental field for spatial experiences.

In collaboration with our partner OfficeFlorist, we have taken up the above BLOOM BOX motto to rethink the hydroponics of our premises and complement it with numerous plants.

In addition to the floral d├ęcor, an atmospheric luminaire with a matching theme ensures an appropriate room atmosphere. Here, the Frankfurt urban jungle is playfully arranged by the flexible light rope JANE from our partner XAL.

Workplace Experience?!

Specific measures to develop a holistic workplace experience strategy for all employees are becoming increasingly important. We develop these with you and provide practical guidance to optimise the workplace experience.

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