January 14, 2020

We dared something new and we are proud of the result

Sometimes you need to pause for a moment in order to acknowledge everything that has changed – what things were like, what they are like now and why. Honouring change, accepting challenges and being open to novelty – all that went into the making of our new corporate design. From a new logo to an additional unit, and the revamping of our website – we put everything under the microscope and reconstituted it. A new order which nonetheless offers plenty of free latitude for the very things that make us who we are – our versatility and individuality. That is exactly what is respresented in our new logo. Always different but always unmistakable and definitely distinct – that is Jazzunique. Every employee has their own personal and individual version of the logo. It is down to our individuality and interdisciplinary approach, backed up by the contribution of each one of us, that made us what we are today – and our new corporate design is a tribute to the fact.  You can read more about out relaunch further below in the "Relaunch Interview" article.

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