February 8, 2024

Our new brand jazzunique.workplace

We founded our first sub-brand with jazzunique.workplace.

The office as a permanent place of work is increasingly being discussed: There is great uncertainty in many companies about how to deal with the freedom that employees have come to love in terms of choosing where to work. How much space will actually be needed in the future and how can you ensure that employees enjoy coming to the office regularly without being forced to? How do you assert yourself as a company in the much-cited war for talent and what role can the office play in it?

With jazzunique.workplace, we address exactly these questions for companies and help them transform offices into tailor-made places of experience. jazzunique.workplace is our new Jazzunique brand that is rethinking the workplace experience of companies: aesthetic, activating and communicative.

On February 8th, we were able to officially inaugurate the new brand at a launch event and show invited guests what the future of work and our approaches look like.

Exciting talks, expertise and impulses on the topic of workplace, as well as exemplary sample areas, in cooperation with Sedus and OfficeFlorist by Heureka.Solutions, illustrated our approaches.

We have also created a white paper on the content, which can be downloaded here.

You can find out more about jazzunique.workplace here: https://workplace.jazzunique.de/

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