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Wetopia - for everyone, by many

We paint the City

With Wetopia, Ardi Goldman has launched a project that brings color to downtown Frankfurt. Ten European artists immortalized themselves with their murals on a total of fourteen walls and created one of the largest mural art galleries in Europe.

Muralism emerged in the 1920s after the Mexican Revolution and is an art movement characterized by monumental murals. The paintings convey political messages and social issues.

With a strong international influence, muralism inspires artists worldwide and emphasizes the close connection between art and society. This art form is now also present throughout Germany and falls under the term street art.

Photos: Kristof Lemp 

10 artists, 136 colors, 14 walls.

Within 9 days, a previously inconspicuous area on Hanauer Landstraße was transformed into a multifaceted work of art - with Wetopia, Ardi Goldman has launched a project that gives Frankfurt's city center an imaginative touch.

Together with four male and six female artists, large-format murals were created specifically for the project. Frankfurt's largest Mural Art Gallery to date reflects the diversity and enrichment that defines Frankfurt as a city, creating a sense of togetherness that contributes to a more diverse society.

Wetopia was derived from Utopia. The name Wetopia contains the word "We", which conveys the message of collective collaboration that creates an art space open to the public for all.

For the art project, we were responsible for the selection of artists, interface management and subsequent implementation.

We also created a site plan for the Mural Park, which serves as orientation on site and shows the locations of the murals in the park. Each mural was given an individual name.

Come over!

Wetopia wants to be seen, make a difference and invites you to dream. Stop by Hanauer Landstraße 136 in Frankfurt am Main and let the Mural Art Gallery work its magic on you!

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