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Discover Brandworld

New Look

We were responsible for the spatial design of the brand for the airline Discover Airlines. The subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group – formerly Eurowings Discover – presented its new look and name as “Discover Airlines” for the first time.

Discover Airlines_Brand Reveal_Event_2023
Photos: Kristof Lemp

Spacial translation

The requirement was to represent the new face of the airline with the new graphic concept and to transfer it into the room. It was important to translate the emotions generated by the design into the right spatial gestures. In addition to deriving the new design, a selection of the airline's many new branded assets should be presented. The aim was to create a brand island that could not only be viewed, but also entered and experienced.

Discover Airlines Brandworld
Discover Airlines Brandworld
Discover Airlines Brandworld

Design elements

The round shape of the Brandworld emphasizes the dot, which can be found in the name and design. As a complement to the dot, the new design plays with lines consisting of horizontal colored areas. The lines, the so-called skylines, were also translated into the spatial installation. These were taken in the form of curved wall panels arranged one behind the other, which support the dynamics of the skyline through different heights.

Printed wall panels are used to depict the two-dimensional design over a large area and thus provide a suitable background for the steles in front of them.

The steles also take up the dot and are small stages with different heights and radii for a clear presentation of new assets.

The sum of the various components creates a small, temporary insight that should make you want more.

The premiere of Brandworld took place at the Discover Brand Reveal Event. It was presented to several hundred employees, the board of directors, the press and other guests.

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