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Flex office & branding

Activating work experience

Two floors with an area of ​​approx. 2800 m²: In this area we designed, planned and implemented a new, activating work experience in close cooperation with our customer Crédit Agricole CIB.

Formerly classic office structures were to be replaced by homogeneous areas within a heterogeneous overall concept on behalf of the customer: Activity-related work surfaces now meet open spaces that create a clean and open working atmosphere.

Photos: Kristof Lemp

A new home at the ONE Tower

At the beginning of the project, we went looking for suitable rental space in Frankfurt with our client Crédit Agricole CIB and the commissioned real estate agent/consultant. The final selection was preceded by several rental space inspections, which not only had to be of an appropriate size, but also the desired room scenarios and other individual customer requirements. For this purpose, potential occupancy planning was carried out for several of the buildings visited, with the decision ultimately being made in favor of the ONE in Frankfurt - a high-rise building that is considered a pioneer in terms of sustainability and digital infrastructure.

Taking into account the structural conditions, specifications and guidelines, the development of the final occupancy plan in the floor plan was then advanced and a look & feel was developed for the implementation of the new office space. In close cooperation with the landlord and the customer, we then developed a specially adapted office concept that went well beyond the standard of the building and created a harmonious overall picture. This concept, including selected retail furniture, material samples and initial visualizations, could also be experienced by the employees in advance in the form of a showroom in the customer's former office space.

After the successful joint handover of the rental space, the six-week expansion phase finally began, in which we oversaw the installation of individually designed and manufactured furniture and the implementation of graphic work in the room. For this purpose, we coordinated numerous trades on site right through to project completion.

Activity Based Working

For the conceptual development of the office spaces, our client opted for the model of activity-based working. With this concept, activity-related workspaces are created, which on the one hand allow active and dynamic teamwork and at the same time promote performance and creativity. Clear zoning paired with functional applications make the allocation of different areas directly visible to employees and ensure a clean and open work environment.

We visually implemented the mentioned zoning of the premises in the new office for Crédit Agricole CIB by using different furniture and floor elements. Predefined highlight areas were individually tailored to the needs of the customer's employees. This resulted in areas that can be used as open-plan work areas, common areas such as lounges that promote interaction, or quiet zones and closed rooms as counterparts.

Tangible brand identity

In addition to the office concept, which is tailored to the needs of the customer, it is at least as important for a company to present itself as a brand with a uniform appearance. For us, the challenge was to transfer the Crédit Agricole CIB brand to the office in such a way that the brand identity of the bank can be experienced. This experience helps to build and strengthen an emotional bond.

Our implementation of the branding focused primarily on the graphics at the office and the associated branding measures. Representative logo placements were supplemented by uniformly developed symbols and inscriptions. Together with the customer, we developed a suitable wayfinding system and signage that pick up and reflect the company's own brand identity and make it easier for external visitors to find their way around. For example, rooms and areas were named after "Bastille", "Versailles" and "Arc de Triomphe" or also "MainStudio" and "Waldstadion" and thus create a direct connection to the company's headquarters in Paris and the office location in Frankfurt. A wall graphic of both locations in the “Waldstadion” team room complements this relationship.

In addition to the office design with the interior design of the Flex Office and the branding, we were also involved in change management processes in connection with the holistic implementation of the new office of Crédit Agricole CIB. You can find an overview of this here.

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