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imprfct space

imprfct? - Merging digital and real spaces

With the imprfct space, the centrepiece of our premises becomes a showroom, a gallery and a field of experimentation for art, design and staging.

By merging physical space and digital worlds, we are constantly creating new spatial experiences.

As a visitor to our exhibition space, you find yourself in the midst of a creative process and gain exclusive insights into the work of the respective collaborating artist.

Engin Dogan Kunst
Engin Dogan Kunst
Engin Dogan Kunst

Designing spaces is part of our DNA: Jazzunique uses strategic communication to turn brands into experiences. We use the emotional power of dramaturgy, space, design and technology to create messages that move people. For more genuine interaction between people, brand and product - real and digital.

bright!, a design and technology studio based near Frankfurt, is responsible for the digital linking and expansion in collaboration with the artists in the imprfct space.

imprfct space No 3 - Lisa Tegtmeier

Immerse yourself in a colourful world

The imprfct space is entering its third round with Hamburg artist Lisa Tegtmeier. The illustrator is known for her poppy and bold style, which enables spatial immersion in a colourful world as part of the collaboration with bright! and Jazzunique.

imprfct space No 3

imprfct space No 2 - Max Geisler

Frozen snapshots

The exclusive installation by Frankfurt-born artist Max Geisler once again transforms the imprfct space into a walk-in work of art.

imprfct space No 2

imprfct space No 1 - Engin Dogan

Urban art as an immersive spatial experience

The exhibition with Engin Dogan was the starting signal for the imprfct space and thus for a long-term series of art experiences.

imprfct space No 1

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